Everything You Should Know About Paint Protection Film For Your Car


One such brand is
Ceramic Pro, which has gained recognition for its innovative ceramic coatings. We know it’s obvious, but it’s important to point out that if you want to protect the body of your vehicle, PPF is absolutely the way to go.

Car paint protection film how

Darren is the founder of the DriveDetailed blog and is a keen detailing enthusiast living in the rainy south of Ireland. When he is not cleaning his car he is always researching ways he can improve his techniques and enjoys testing out out new products. Surface scratches and swirl marks in the film will heal over a period of time. This really depends on the specific scenario and how much protection you want on your cars bodywork. Is it going to be worth installing PPF on an old car that doesn’t have very much value in the first place? As you probably already know, there are MANY different ways to protect your paintwork these days.

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Most of the time, they will install in sections, such as a hood, rocker panels, quarter panel, side mirrors, door, or other section less than 5 feet square. One of the selling points of Paint Protection Film is its ability to hold up against heat and UV damage from the sun. However, too much exposure to direct sunlight will actually lessen the lifespan due to the adhesive below it degrading.

Avoid Pressure Washers

To prepare for PPF installation, clean the vehicle’s exterior with a specialized cleaning solution. Read more about Auto Lackschutzfolierung here. Next, use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm up the PPF and improve its adhesion properties. Then, carefully apply the film to the vehicle’s surface, avoiding air bubbles or creases.

Unless PPF is installed in an enclosed room with “space-age” filtration system and not a speck of dust, there will be some degree of dust contamination. Pre-existing flaws such as scratches, rock chips, debris in the clear coat, misaligned body panels, sanding marks are much more noticeable and magnified after PPF is applied. What may look like a speck of dust between the paint and the PPF, is actually dirt nibs in the clear coat. Most installers DO NOT have a clean room to where the film is installed. It’s impossible to achieve perfect PPF installation, but installing PPF in your garage, a non-enclosed shop, and especially in a dealership, is the worst place to apply film. Working in a clean environment is the important part of installing PPF. In most cases, the condition of your vehicle also plays a huge part in a clean PPF installation.

Of these shops, those with enough capital typically forego guess work, and opt for a machine called a “plotter” instead. This computer-controlled contraption reads what dimensions are required, and then painstakingly cuts the PPF into sections, all tailormade to fit a particular body panel. This pricey piece of equipment is particularly useful when working with intricate areas, making the installation of things like headlight protection film an absolute breeze. There are some very important points to note when cleaning a car that has had paint protection film installed. Protects against bugs and rocks that can hit the car, even when you are cautious.2. Paint protection film is self-healing against scratches, making it low maintenance.3. Protects your car’s paint to maintain the ‘new car finish’ and increases its resale value.