How, Where and When to Store Your RC Trucks?


First, the battery will discharge on its own over time, even if you do not use it. You want to store the battery in a way that will not affect its ability to deliver the right performance and discharge. This is why some of the questions many people may have are how, where, and when they should store their RC trucks. As new materials and production techniques become available, so will RC products.

a 1/24-scale RC car sizes

If you are storing your RC truck for a long time, make sure all the batteries are disconnected. Injection-molded plastic is durable and inexpensive to manufacture, so it is the material of choice for most RTR kits. Since it is injection molded, complex shapes can be designed, which cuts down on the part count of the kit. Chassis are often tub shaped with ribs for extra stiffness, but require the most material to provide durability because of its low strength.

Electronics and water do not mix, and RC trucks have several different electrical components that can easily get damaged by water. Done in a straight line, the frame twister is like a drag race….if the strip was filled with logs and mud holes.

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Not Cleaning the RC Truck

You can use conformal coating, liquid tape, or even nail polish to seal the circuit board. Conformal coating can be used on the circuit boards of the ESC, servo, and receiver. Again you will need to access the circuit boards and cover them with the conformal coating, which means you will lose the warranty of said parts. This event is exactly as the name implies – drivers try and traverse a hill through designated gates, normally in very precarious positions. Scoring can be all over the place depending on the hill used. Sometimes it’s simply timed, sometimes it’s scored with gates, sometimes each vehicle gets a flag planted in the ground at the spot where forward momentum is stopped.

Next, apply a thin layer of Marine grease on the gears and spread it evenly. In any case, to waterproof an ESC, you need to access its circuit board. The advantage is that you can easily remove the wax once you do not need it or from areas of the circuit boards that you don’t want to be sealed.

There are several different methods for waterproofing RC vehicles. On top of that, there are different products that the different hobbyists use.