Riot Launch League of Legends Patch 14.1B


No rest of the wicked, right? The League of Legends dev team were working flat-out over the holidays to get patch 14.1B, and the 2024 season, off to a flying start in January 2024. Players clambered from their holiday-induced slumbers to dive into the game’s new season and, for the most part, the changes in-game were praised. As always, items were added and removed, champions were given a bit of a tweaking, and gameplay systems improved. However, Riot wasn’t quite happy with the launch of the new season, so it has hammered out patch 14.1B in a bid to correct any issues it believes were present.

14.1b Champion Buffs

The adjustment of various gameplay mechanics, and the loss of certain items, has meant many champions had to be given buffs. Much of this was based on the removal of Trinity Force, so if you played a marksman champion in the game (or did any sort of ranged damage), then you’ll probably have a dwindling of power prior to patch 14.1b. Thankfully, Riot now has things (mostly) back on track with these players:

  • Corki saw a boost to missile barrage.
  • Ezreal saw a boost to essence flux and arcane shift.
  • Hwei gets multiple upgrades, with power boosts to torment, disaster, and spiraling disrepair.
  • Lux sees a boost to prismatic barrier.
  • Naafiri sees a boost to their We Are More passive.
  • Zac will enjoy all-round upgrades to cell division, elastic slingshot, and let’s bounce.
  • Zed enjoys boosted living shadow, shadow slash, and death mark.

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14.1b Champion Nerfs

Of course, the increased toolkit and item changes meant that some champions were boosted a bit more than Riot intended. After seeing the new meta develop over the last few days, Riot nerfed the following champions.

  • Aphelios loses attack damage growth.
  • Fizz loses power in their urchin strike and seastone trident
  • Gwen gets slightly weaker with her a thousand cuts passive being slashed.
  • Kayle loses bonus attack speed.
  • LeBlanc saw more of a balancing rather than a nerf. Her power was boosted, but she lost attack speed and damage growth.
  • Singed was one of the biggest problems with the new patch, so Riot turned down his poison trail.
  • Taric saw a decrease in bonus armor. This is because the access to armor is better than ever before, and it didn’t take long for a Taric to get fully kitted out, helping to annihilate the other team.
  • Teemo saw a huge decrease in blinding dart and noxious trap power.

Future Changes

Riot has stated they are not yet done with all the buffs and nerfs, and they want to make some huge gameplay changes over the course of the 2024 season. Their main aim is to prevent snowballing, which has become a major issue over the last few years (especially this patch). If you want to get a leg-up in an ever-changing game, why not buy a League of Legends account from U7BUY? View site for more details.