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Amazon has grown to become one of the largest platforms for the sale of products with millions of third-party sellers who rely on selling their products as their source of income. But there are several important points that should be briefly mentioned to understand that being an Amazon seller is not as simple as it may seem. This means that there is so much competition and to add to it, the algorithm changes make it almost impossible to remain on top. This is where Amazon consultants come in. Consultant on Amazon are specialized in guiding the company in its undertakings by providing recommendations for improvement.

Amazon coaches are senior and professional sellers who offer guidance, advice and other support forms to new and unprofitable sellers on the site. Your activities would include advising Amazon sellers on how to increase sales on the market place – through better listing, promotions, stock management and category expansion. It is apparent that the number of sellers who see this platform as tough is increasing, and therefore, there is a need for Amazon specialists on the rise.

For those Amazon sellers who are already selling at the platform and want to advance their career further, it is highly financially rewarding and at the same time very rewarding to be an Amazon consultant and see fellow sellers get successful. In this article, you will learn what it will entail to become a consultant on the Amazon platform.

Here, we discuss the qualifications required to become an Amazon consultant.  

There is no special certification to gain the status of an Amazon seller consultant, but one needs to be equipped with the right skills, experience, and tools to perform the job. These include:

Experience selling on Amazon: First of all, the candidate must have prior work experience of selling product(s), preferably on the amazon platform and across multiple categories. This helps in gaining technical knowledge to the details of the matter at hand.

Seller account in good standing: It is imperative to note that the account should be an active selling account with Amazon and should not be blocked or involved in any policy violation issues. It also helps in building credibility with the clients of the business.

Understanding of Amazon Ads: It is crucial to know that with sales, comes advertising and hence the importance of having prior knowledge in Amazon’s Sponsored Ads program. Be able to assess campaigns and provide information on ways to improve the performance.

Inventory & supply chain know-how: Evaluation of inventory requirements, sourcing for credible foreign suppliers and appreciation of export and import realities make selling easy to manage as a business venture.

Data analysis skills: Sharp reasoning to be able to get insight into the quantitative part of a seller’s business based on the Amazon reports and identify problems.

Digital marketing skills: Having had prior experience with products and services, especially when it comes to handling products, landing pages, promotional emails, promotions and other related practices that can be used to generate leads is beneficial.

Strong communication ability: This is especially important if you are working with clients to ensure that they understand what you are advising and offering them all the time.

Services That an Amazon Consultant Arranges and Provides

Before you establish your consulting firm, you should make the decision of the kind of services you are going to render to Amazon sellers based on your skills. The most popular services include:The most popular services include:

Product Research: Assisting sellers to identify their most likely hot-selling products, trend analysis, and opportunities for selling using the Amazon data.

Listing Optimization: Optimizing a particular seller’s current and newly provided product offerings to increase sales utilizing high-quality copy, images and keywords. 

Sponsored Ads Management: Increasing the organic reach of pay per click ads by creating and adjusting ad campaigns to have better visibility on the Amazon platform at a cheaper cost using appropriate keywords.

Launch & Ranking Strategy: Proposing a strategy to enable the new products to achieve a high ranking on Amazon within a short period by offering cut-price promotions, creating A+ content, etc.  

Review Generation: More organic reviews are always highly beneficial for the brand to be promoted and to be placed in the search results. In this case, actual review request campaigns avoid Amazon violations of the sales slowdown rule. 

Inventory Planning: The strategy of deciding the appropriate quantities to order for inventories from the working capital of a seller, the space available for stocking and the demand in various seasons without the products going to waste.

Supply Chain Setup: Sourcing for credible manufacturers internationally, making a distinction between stock and continental packaging designs, organizing for the shipping of stock to Amazon distribution centers etc.

Profitability Assessment: The act of identifying actual profit margins, fees, advertising costs, and other expenses from an Excel model and FBA calculators. 

It is however important to note that these broad categories can be subdivided very much to the extent of very specialist services once one does acquire more consulting experience in certain fields.

What Charges to Pass to the Client When One is an Amazon Consultant

Amazon consultants typically charge clients in three ways:Amazon consultants typically charge clients in three ways:

Hourly consulting fee: This can vary from $100-$250+ per hour depending on the experience of the physiotherapist and kind of physiotherapy. Newbie consultants are paid from $100 an hour upwards; therefore, it is reasonable to assume that most entry-level consultants will be making at least a hundred dollars an hour.

Monthly retainer fee: Consultants who practice for longer-term engagements offer their services at a monthly flat fee that affords the client access during a specific number of hours in a given month. This is a good source of steady income source since such clients are likely to return for more services or products.

Commission on new sales: Some consultants practice what is termed as ‘commission only’ i. e. they are paid small percentage (5-20%) of each new sale that they manage to bring to the client based on the results of their consultations. This kind of fee structure based on performance requires proper measuring and evaluation.

Most of them practice a blend of hourly, retainer and commission basis as this creates a balance between their intake of money and their revenue. Make sure that you have inked good consultancy agreements with each of your clients specifying the work you are going to do for them, fees that you are going to charge, the duration of the consultancy, and the type of confidentiality clause and others.

Thus, let me explain the ways on how to acquire Amazon Seller consulting clients.  

Launching and growing an Amazon consultancy business is very doable if you follow some standard client acquisition strategies:Launching and growing an Amazon consultancy business is very doable if you follow some standard client acquisition strategies:

Get referrals from existing network: Instruct friends who are Amazon sellers but cannot handle any new business to direct prospects to you. Almost every strong established seller has many requests coming to him from various sources for assistance. 

Active outreach to sellers: Contact potential clients by reviewing subpar Amazon listings and outreach independently using email and LinkedIn. Customized communication messages help to increase conversion rates.

Create social media presence: Beginning with this strategy, it is possible to gradually gain the status of an expert in this area and provide people with free tips on selling on Amazon by filling in Instagram or Facebook groups with a large auditorium of sellers. Also begin starting a YouTube channel. Provide consultancy services to interested triad members for a fee. 

Paid ads for consultants: It is advised to try out Google/Bing ads or Facebook campaigns focusing on people searching for an Amazon consultant nearer to your region. LinkedIn also works well.

Publish blog content: Begin creating blog posts that are seller-centric and address problems that sellers encounter in their day-to-day activity such as managing PPC or handling inventory problems. Implement SEO best practices. Transform individuals that read your blog into clients who do business with the coaching business.

Third-party marketplace listings: Develop the consultant profiles at consulting sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Amazon Consultants and other sites where sellers search for additional help. Keep ratings high.

Launch own website: Be present online with an organized look into your experience level, the number of customers you have secured, the services you offer, and such to allow the sellers to assess you as a consultant in a bid.

When starting out, it is appropriate to offer some services for a cheaper price or even offer some services for free so as to get some of the clients to provide their testimonial about the services, which in turn acts as a form of recommendation.

As you gain more experience in years across most of the regions in the highly saturated Amazon ecosystem, ensure you adjust the consulting fees upwards. Also, highlight versatility in a way that it can be niched down into different areas like brand management, account audits, or split-testing product listings where you can charge clients a premium.

Amazon consulting is a chance to develop a useful and profitable enterprise with a positive influence on the community.

The trend of consumers heading towards the ecommerce market remains to direct more and more to Amazon. Since more people begin new businesses or relocate their goods to this platform, they face intense competition and require advice. For now, it is possible to turn becoming an Amazon consultant into a valuable and financially profitable business that can also benefit its participants directly and through their clients’ success. If you possess prior selling experience, good analytical skills, and communication skills, the satisfactory career of helping other sellers lies ahead!